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Secret Cinema

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Far, far, far away somewhere in the depths of Canada Waters a fully immersive, interactive, live theatre re-enactment of Star Wars took place across 18 acres of set space. To create the atmospheric levels demanded by such an enterprise we were on hand behind the scenes supplying low smoke for dramatic entrances and pumping CO2 jets aboard the Death Star.

Getting stuck into the main rebel action we also supplied a line rocket from a suspended life size x wing fighter. The rocket sparked and sped above the audience just like a real laser shot, recreating Luke’s fatal blow to the Death Star.

Moving on into the screening rooms the audiences were treated to snippets of live performances of key moments throughout the film. For Yoda’s training scenes we supplied tendrils of low smoke helping to transport viewers to the swampy marshes of Dagobah. Finally, for a dramatic showstopper we joined Luke and Darth Vader for their infamous dual. High on a truss above the screen we released an artfully placed SPDs (Spark Producing Devices) which sparked as lightsaber’s crossed.

A truly spectacular and well loved event! It was a pleasure to be on board!

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Effects Used

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