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Reading & Leeds Festival

Over the last five years Quantum has supplied special effects for some of the most triumphant and rock n’ roll headline performances at Reading & Leeds Festival.

2017 – Muse

Muse headlined the festival for their third time in 2017, delivering a sensational and career spanning performance. Quantum supplied confetti, streamers and a ‘preposterous’ pyrotechnic display for the trio.

© Ellie Donald - @ellie_donald_art

2016 – Biffy Clyro & Foals

Joining them for the second time at Reading and Leeds, Quantum accompanied Biffy Clyro for a weekend of explosive headline acts. On each of the three consecutive nights Quantum provided the band with an impressive display of aerial pyrotechnics during the performance of their closing track ‘Stingin’ Belle.’ A synchronised show of comets, mines, and crossettes exploded across the sky celebrating the band’s career and affirming their prowess as headline performers.

Andy Willsher
Andy Willsher

On the same weekend Quantum also joined Foals for their triumphant first headline act, opening Reading on Friday night and closing Leeds on Sunday. Quantum delivered a sharp sequence of G Flames including a pair of five finger flames for a rocking rendition of ‘Inhaler’ and ‘What Went Down’ and released a storm of multicoloured confetti and a shot of white and blue streamers for finale song ‘Two Steps, Twice.’

2015 – Metallica and Mumford & Sons

Quantum provided Mumford & Sons with a Pyro Waterfall for the performance of their final song, Dustbowl Dance. Falling upstage just behind the drum kit, the 50ft wide and 20ft tall golden waterfall lit up the stage for 20 seconds whilst the Mumford boys delivered a high energy instrumental.

Metallica asked Quantum to design an effect for their major 2015 headline slot that could entertain all of their fans, even those right at the back of the crowd. We gave them a full power, bespoke pyrotechnic display that included 200ft white crackle mines that set their finale track Enter Sandman alight.

We were awarded the Festival Supplier Award for Best Visual Spectacular for this display, with judges commenting that the effects had captured the true spirit of the festival.

2013 – Biffy Clyro

In 2013 Quantum joined Scottish rockers Biffy Clyro as they performed their first headline act at the festival, opening Leeds on the Friday night and closing at Reading on the Sunday.

Quantum provided Spitfire Flames for the trio along with a huge confetti and streamer hit that flew out over the 80,000+ strong crowd. Lead singer Simon Neil was armed with one of our handheld flares that he used to ceremoniously set fire to his guitar whilst a pyrotechnic display closed the set.

2012 – Foo Fighters

Beginning in 2012 Quantum were delighted to work with rock heavyweights the Foo Fighters, providing custom dollar bill themed confetti and a finale aerial pyrotechnic display.