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London Olympics 2012

Quantum was extremely proud to be awarded the contract to supply the special effects for both Opening Ceremonies. The iconic Molten Rings were the centerpiece of Danny Boyle’s Opening Olympic Ceremony, and was our largest pyrotechnic challenge to date.

After months of planning and development and working tirelessly to the intense schedule, the big moment arrived and the effect fired perfectly, wowing an audience of over a billion worldwide and featuring on the front page of 70 international newspapers.


olympic rings raining fire in london
london olympic rings with fire

Another highlight of the Opening Ceremony was the arrival of team GB into the Stadium. Quantum provided the biggest confetti hit possible to celebrate this moment. 48 Stadium Shot cannons were positioned around the field of play, with a further 900 E-shot cannons around the roof gantry, saturating the stadium with 300kg of confetti in an instant.

Due to Quantum’s long-standing relationship with Muse, we were also drafted in to supply our Spitfire Flame System for the performance of their Olympic Anthem, Survival, for the closing ceremony.

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Effects Used

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