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We had the pleasure of teaming up with Kygo this year to supply a show brimming with SFX for his Cloud Nine Tour across the UK, Europe, and USA.

With a dynamic set design consisting of 11 stage screens, we made sure to work closely with the creative teams to create a tailored programme of effects that could fully compliment the changing themes and rhythm of the night.

Effects involved a heavy mix of pyro and flames (for appropriate venues only) including gerbs, comets, mines, G Flames, flares, and our pyro waterfall to light up the stage, alongside confetti, streamers, air bursts, and punchy co2 jets that were all fired to the beat of the music.

Highlights included a hit of gerbs and confetti that was beautifully illuminated by the laser display for song ‘Stole the Show,’ and finale song ‘Firestone’ for which we fired flares and G Flames, finishing off with red tracer comets and a shot of 4000 red and white streamers to end the show.

Our heavy investment in wireless technology truly paid off, allowing us to synchronise a seamless and unique show of SFX that really enhanced the audience experience. To see more of the action visit our blog here.

special effects for kygo © Francesco Prandoni
lasers for kygo © Tobias Ebelshauser
special effects for kygo

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Effects Used

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