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Kings of Leon

Quantum joined Kings of Leon at Jack Daniel’s Bash on Broadway in Nashville on New Years Eve 2016, where more than 150,000 people joined us for one memorable night of music and celebration

Kings of Leon Headlined the Jack Daniels stage, serenading the crowd into 2016. The last song of 2015 was Simple Man, during which we fired a Pyro waterfall as a beautiful backdrop behind the band.

After a countdown to midnight the band then played their first song of 2016 – ‘Use Somebody’ – during which we fired pink, green, yellow and blue confetti out of 22 blowers. The confetti continued a couple of songs later during ‘Radioactive’, when the remainder of our 220kg of confetti was released over the street.

The sing-a-long finale ‘Sex on Fire’ saw red streamers fired from stadium shots flying over the audience and down Broadway.


Effects Used

Find out more about some of the effects we used at this event.

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