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Johnnie Walker – Symphony in Blue

© Nicholas Lim

Quantum was selected to add some fabulous bespoke and experiential effects to this star-studded event, celebrating the “symphony of flavours” of this much loved whisky.

Visualisation and audience experience were key, so we used our powerful flame-thrower to illustrate the charring of the barrels as the guests passed through the entrance to the Merchant Taylors Hall. Guests were able to have a go at charring the barrels themselves and we even dressed our crew in period clothing to fit the theme!

Inside the venue we also provided a multi-sensory experience using our Atom 60 machines. We flavoured mist with the Johnnie Walker whisky itself and projected it throughout the room so guests could simultaneously taste the symphony of flavours in this unique way and interactive way.

During the 1920’s inspired entertainment our CO2 jets, confetti and balloon drop added to the wow factor of the whole spectacle.

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