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FA Cup Final 2016

Quantum supplied the special effects for the FA Cup 2016 celebrations.


As Tinie Tempah provided the opening entertainment with a montage of his hit songs, Quantum delivered a variety of effects to complete the festivities. To start we sent red, white and blue smoke into the sky before releasing a round of silver comets from 8 different positions on the pitch. White glitter mines were fired in sync with the well known chorus line ‘Written in the Stars’ whilst the finale saw a chase of comets followed by red and blue mines with silver jets, and flames around the stadium.

As Manchester United stepped up to receive their trophy, Quantum showered the players with celebratory silver confetti from 15 individual cannons lined up along the presentation box. For one last triumphant display Quantum provided a combination of white streamers, silver mines, flames and 55ft silver jets that backlight the team as they sprayed each other in champagne on the pitch.

© Charanpal Gill

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