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Quantum has supplied effects for three major headline acts at Download Festival.


In 2015 we joined Muse for their Saturday top spot. Matt Bellamy had promised to bring some heat to Donington Park and we did not disappoint. With our Firesun Flame System positioned either side of the walkway at the front of the stage, we released flames in a variety of single shots along with 2 and 3 finger forms, all beautifully sync’d to the drum beats in tracks ‘The Handler,’ ‘Micro Cuts,’ ‘Reapers,’ and ‘Uprising.’

As was their signature during their current tour, a continuous huge blast of red and grey confetti and streamers flew out over the crowds during ‘Mercy’.

Their energetic set was brought to an end as they played out to ‘Knights of Cydonia.’ As the track came to its climatic close, the 3 finger flames danced along to the drumbeats whilst an impressive pyrotechnic display exploded in the sky.



In 2016 we had the honour of supplying Black Sabbath’s last ever performance at the rock festival as a part of their ‘The End Tour.’

We lined the upstage area with flame bars creating a fiery backdrop for tracks ‘Black Sabbath’ and ‘Iron Man,’ the latter also being accompanied by blue and purple mines.

For the last song of the set, ‘Children of the Grave,’ we used 8 wireless spitfire flames stationed on high trusses and 16 G Flames spread across the front and back of the stage to match the guitar rifts. Short sharp releases of flames continued throughout the entire performance, which you can watch here.

Returning with track ‘Paranoid’, Quantum released a hit of purple and black confetti for Black Sabbath’s encore. As the band members bowed to the crowd we closed the night with a 45 second display of aerial pyrotechnics, mixing in mines, comets, and crossets. It was a fitting finale for the creators of heavy metal as they ended a truly once in life a time festival set. Catch a glimpse of it here.


In 2017 Biffy Clyro headlined the festival on the Saturday night. The Scottish trio called for blue and white streamers inspired by their homeland, along with 10 G-Flames and 4 Spitfires that punctuated the choruses on three of their tracks.

To finish in true Biffy style, Quantum also delivered a pyrotechnic display for the finale performance of ‘Stingin’ Bell’ that included four surprise positions on the delay towers.

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