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BST Hyde Park

© Jan-Petter Dahl

We had the pleasure of joining both the ‘kings of folk’ and the ‘kings of pop’ in Hyde Park for BST 2016. Having worked closely with both Mumford & Sons and Take That before, it was a great opportunity to help bring all the energy of their touring productions into two unforgettable festival performances.

Mumford & Son’s rockier folk vibes where translated via a light catching confetti hit, a Pyro Waterfall for track ‘Dustbowl Dance,’ and a handheld marine flare that was carried by Marcus Mumford as he ran down the B Stage and in to the adoring crowd.

© Jamie Wells
© Kate Partridge
© Tilly Pembury-Smith

Take That put on a true pop production that saw special effects in 7 of their 21 songs played. These consisted of four major confetti hits including bespoke multi-coloured butterflies that fluttered through the air, multiple pyro hits ranging from 30 – 60ft high, and eight flares that filled the sky with atmospheric red smoke.

We also supplied a hefty amount of heat with flame bars lining the stage edge, G-Flames, and 10 x flaming staffs that were wielded by dancers during tack ‘Relight my Fire.’

© Adam Woods
© Claire Davis

Both bands ended their headline slots with tailored displays of aerial pyrotechnics that shot in to the sky for a fitting finale. Check out our blog post to see more of the action in detail or watch our showreel of the event below.

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