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Bear Grylls, Endeavour Live Show

© Richard Isaac/REX/Shutterstock

The Bear Grylls Endeavour Live Arena Spectacular saw the British adventurer put on a daring stage show with a backdrop of special effects.

Described as an ‘immersive expedition across the globe’ the show took it’s audience on a journey through some of humanity’s ‘greatest feats of courage, endurance and endeavour.’

With just one stage on which to enact these multiple stories Quantum was asked to provide ‘atmospheric effects’ that would help transport the audience to the various worlds of the show without distracting from the main action.

Using a combination of fog and smoke machines to get the right atmospheric visuals for each scene, we provided a range of effects from a steamy jungle to a frosty arctic.

The biggest challenge for Quantum was the recreation of the exhaust flumes on the replica Apollo 13 pod. Due to weight and space restrictions standard CO2 jets were too large and heavy to be used on the model. A way of installing several small cylinders using wireless control was devised to counter the issue, allowing the flumes to be activated discreetly and without obstructing the visual story telling.

The pod was also rigged with SPDs that helped to re-enact the Apollo 13 emergency by producing dramatic sparks.

Effects Used

Find out more about some of the effects we used at this event.

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