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BBC Worldwide Showcase

Quantum supplied special effects for the BBC Worldwide Showcase at the annual TV sales festival in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Showcasing some of the BBC’s greatest successes to over 700 prospective buyers, Quantum has provided an array of effects such as low smoke, CO₂ jets, G-Flames, and silver jets helping to add an extra dimension to the dramatics on display.

In 2017 Quantum helped Hawthorn put on their most immersive experience yet for the BBC. Multiple effects were provided for a live theatrical showcase on the opening evening – including pyrotechnics for a Cyberman’s jet boots and fake snow for the snow leopards of Planet Earth II. On the final evening a 360 degree projection of dolphins swimming underwater was set up in the dining room for the promotion of Blue Planet II. We filled the room with low smoke so as diners walked in they were immediately immersed into the watery atmosphere.

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Effects Used

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