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Quantum supplied three bespoke special effects moments for the Adele Stadium Tour that performed to over 650,000 people across Australia and New Zealand. The effects were designed to maximise the audience experience and take advantage of the new circular stage that was positioned in the centre of each stadium.

The first of these involved creating a vibrant injection of colour during track ‘Sweetest Devotion.’ 80 Stadium Shots were stationed around the orbit stage and a 160kg of powder confetti was released in 4 successive cues of red, yellow, green and purple.

For the crescendo of ‘Set Fire to the Rain’ Quantum provided an elegant design of CO2 jets to compliment the drama of the performance. Using the edge of the orbit stage once again, 80 CO2 jets were programmed to send plumes of white smoke around the set in a variation of patterns that matched the rhythm of the song.

For the finale we returned with the much-loved confetti that debuted on the Adele Arena Tour in 2016. Personalised with printed hand written notes and lyrics from Adele, the 240kg of bespoke confetti was distributed by 24 of Quantum’s custom Q:Storm blowers that were stationed in multiple positions around the stadium. The Q:Storms provide a much longer duration than the average confetti blower with the flexibility to create far reaching confetti storms in big venues. For the Adele Stadium Tour Quantum used a total of 400kg of confetti per show, working out to be an average of 6 grams of confetti per audience member across the whole tour.


Quantum was delighted to supply the Adele Arena World Tour, covering over 100 sold out shows across 44 different arenas.

Working closely with production we engineered two brand new pieces of tourable technology to help the British star put on an intimate show in some of the world’s largest indoor venues.

Our new compact digital rain system, the Q: Rain Graphix, was used to create four walls of gentle rainfall around the singer as she sang her hit song ‘Set Fire to the Rain.’ Suspended over the B-Stage, the fully self-contained unit was wirelessly deployed giving the effect a seamless elegance from start to finish.

© Ralph Larmann
© Alexandra Waespi
© Evgeniia Bubiakina

For finale song ‘Rolling in the Deep’ we developed the Q: Stormblaster to create an arena-wide confetti storm that could last a whole minute and reach even the highest tiers of the audience. Stationed on trusses around the venue and wirelessly activated, our Q: Stormblasters made sure that every seat was covered.

Adding a personal touch, each piece of confetti was customised with a variation of ten different notes and lyrics all printed in Adele’s own handwriting. Fans have been delighted with the effect, taking to social media to show-off their personal collection of confetti mementos.

quantum special effects confetti for adele © Christelle Fricker
confetti for adele's world tour © Moris Dallini


During a brief interval from touring Adele made her debut headline act at Glastonbury 2016. Helping to translate all the power and personality from her tour to the festival stage, Quantum provided 28 confetti blowers that were used to cover the audience with a whopping 200kg of customised notes. To finish the show in true style, we delivered a 25ft Pyro Waterfall that quite literally ‘Set Fire to the Rain’.

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