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Our SFX designers work closely with our clients to realise their creative desires. We pay meticulous attention to detail in our health & safety, design and planning to ensure the successful integration of our service into any production.

We pride ourselves on having built a considerable reputation for supplying special effects solutions across the events industry. We enjoy and thrive on a good challenge, and whilst we ask for as much lead-time as possible, we regularly work in time critical situations, always delivering bang on budget, bang on Q.

Remaining adaptive, continuing to innovate and reinvest are the very core values that fuel our success.

Here’s how our 360 degree service works:-

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There are a number of ways in which a concept is born at Quantum HQ. Usually a production will come to us looking for a classic addition to their show and we work closely with them to design a tailored programme of effects from our well-honed arsenal, taking in to account visual themes, time cues, and all logistical requirements. Then there are the occasions when a client comes to us with an idea that is outside of the box and not on the market; we sit down with them to discuss how we can use our bespoke engineering capabilities to make their creative vision a reality.

We also design and engineer much of our own equipment in order to solve specific industry problems and to offer something unique to the marketplace. This in turn allows us to maintain our position as industry leaders in innovation and engineering, ultimately enabling us to provide iconic moments for any event.

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R&D is at the heart of all our projects. Carried out by our engineers, the research and development process takes place at the Quantum HQ workshop where we design, test, and build all our own custom products. Supporting local businesses at every turn, we have strong relationships with all our suppliers and work with the highest quality of materials.

Our Visualisation Artist offers full 360 visualisations of all FX, helping to convey the final design concept to all of the creative production and technical teams before sign off.



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Once the visualisations are approved and testing complete we work closely with all departments of production to coordinate a smooth and efficient delivery.

As with all successful companies our greatest asset is our team. Quantum’s crew have been selected due to their expertise, ingenuity and professionalism. They have extensive experience of productions large and small, and understand the challenges of different environments (and weather) ranging from studios to festival fields, up to the world’s largest venues. The team have a great awareness of other departments and are able to work to strict deadlines with the highest regard for health and safety implications. We provide each job with trusted technicians to ensure all effects are safely and seamlessly deployed on site.

From concept to deployment, we’ve got you covered all the way.

We have an extraordinary and award winning team of designers, engineers and technicians working to ensure that our clients' visions are realised

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