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Rain FX

Quantum’s digital rain system the Q: Rain Graphix is a new and versatile special effect that can be manipulated for any stage design.

Individual nozzles are controlled and programmed by our Q: Control system, giving full control of the effect for desired pattern and duration. With all water contained within the rig itself, the unit is compact and quick to install with absolutely no drips, making it the ideal effect for touring productions.

As seen most notably on the Adele World Tour, the rain rig can produce a safe and beautiful rain effect for all roofed stages from television and theatre, to intimate shows and large arenas.

If you have any specific design requirements or have a desire to push the boundaries of what rain can bring to your stage, then don’t hesitate to get in contact and our in-house team can develop a rain or water based effect to fit your needs (or your wildest dreams!).

© Alexandra Waespi
© Wendy Coomans
© Brian Shannow Photography
© Ralph Larmann

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