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Imagine thousands of people simultaneously experiencing the same taste…

Taste is a powerful human sense and with Multi-Sensory FX you can now integrate taste into your experiential event, product launch, festival or concert on an unprecedented scale.

We can recreate any flavour and disperse it using a range of effects, visual & non-visual, from smoke-filled bubbles to fine mists & vapour.

Any flavour can be synthetically recreated, which means it’s 100% “food safe”, non-allergenic, non-staining, suitable for vegetarians, safe for diabetics and conforms to Halal and Kosher regulations.

This also ensures our client’s IP is totally safe & secure. If we were to recreate the flavour of a leading soft drink brand, for instance, we do not need the secret recipe to do so.

We can tailor our delivery systems to suit the demands of your event. Other possibilities that we can develop include flavoured rain, edible confetti, snow and large flavoured flames.

Let your imagination run wild, give us a call and we’ll do our best to create the ultimate immersive experience for your audience.

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