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Please welcome the XLSG SmokeStorm system.

With the ability to cover the distance of 6 tennis courts in just 60 seconds, the XLSG offers the highest output smoke and low smoke generation available on the market to date, whilst only taking up a 4ft x 2ft footprint. (That’s smaller than a standard flight-cased LSG – the XLSG’s older brother!)

Our new XLSG is powered by our custom designed 36kw heater element system and controlled using our state-of-the-art technology, developed by Quantum’s engineering team.

Ideal for arena and stadium shows as well as larger scale theatre tours, the XLSG gives maximum stage coverage in seconds.

Our LSG and XSLG smoke machines replicate the effects of dry ice in a controllable, effective, and ‘tourable’ (not to mention affordable) format. However, if you have your heart set on the real deal we can also supply that too!

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