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Indoor & Stage Pyrotechnics

© Olav Stubberud

Pyrotechnics is Quantum’s speciality. If you hadn’t already noticed, we love to make things go Bang on Q.

Our extensive product knowledge of the worlds leading close proximity pyrotechnic manufacturers enables us to select the most spectacular but safe material taking into account all governing factors and ensuring you visually stunning effects for those unforgettable moments.

We supply an assortment of indoor and stage pyrotechnics that are perfect for achieving theatrical effects and adding an exciting dimension to live performances, product launches, and studio productions.

Effects include Mines, Gerbs, Jets, Airbursts, Tracer Comets, SPDs and a Pyro Waterfall that creates a cascade of golden sparks most recently seen on the Mumford and Sons ‘Wilder Mind Tour’ and Adele’s Glastonbury 2016 headline act.

We also provide flares and handheld products that allow performers to personally interact with special effects on stage, adding a further level of entertainment that crowds go wild for.

© Brian Doherty
© Joshua Mellin Photography

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