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Flavoured Smoke Machine, Haze and Mist

Smoke and Haze are used at almost every event so why not take it to the next level and add a flavour. This is the simplest and most cost-effective way of deploying flavour into events on both large and small scales.

Meet our Atom 60. Developed to deploy food-grade flavoured liquid mist over a large outdoor catchment area; the Atom 60 converts fluids into a fine atomised mist, that is food safe, allergen free as well as diabetic, halal and kosher friendly. Nearly any flavour can be created and deployed with the use of our machines and are designed for indoor and outdoor use.

The Atom system is a non-visual effect that releases flavourings as a fine, atomised mist. Want a huge number of people to taste the same thing all at once? This is the effect for you.
In addition to the Atom 60 (which projects mist at a 60-degree angle), we also have the Atom 180 and the Atom 360 that are ideal for use in big tops, marquees and events in the round. For even further flexibility there is also the Atom Mobile that allows you to distribute flavour through a handheld device. Both the equipment and technician can be suitably branded, providing maximum exposure of your brand. These machines are tamper-proof and each can hold up to four flavours.

The award-winning Atom made its debut at the worlds first Multisensory Fireworks Display for New Years Eve in London, 2014, as part of the Mayor of London and Vodafone sponsored New Year’s Eve fireworks celebrations. The project was part of Vodafone Firsts, an engagement platform that inspires and enables people to do remarkable things for the first time using Vodafone mobile technology.

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