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Even if we do say so ourselves flames are another specialty of ours, indoor stage flames, outdoor stage flames, flame bars and rooftop flames, whatever your requirements we have the suitable flames for you.

Quantum has developed a range of liquid flame systems called Spitfire Flames™.

But we are not just limited to liquid flames- oh no. We have a vast array of flame effects including 5 Finger Flames, G-flames & bespoke Flame Bars & flame FX.

NEW FL Spitfire Flame System

Quantum Special Effects proudly introduces the newest addition to our fiery family: the FL Spitfire Flame System.

Peaking at a monstrous 30 metres, this flame system is amongst the largest flame projection systems in the world. It first lit up the skies for Stormzy’s performance at the Wireless Festival in 2018 and has been a staple for the artist since, and more recently Biffy Clyro at the Isle of Wight Festival 2019.

MKII Spitfire Flames™ – Indoor

Creating 8-12m high flames (higher flames possible if venue has sufficient ceiling height), these are perfect for any indoor venue. Now with spark ignition & wireless controlled with full feedback

MKII Spitfire Flames™ – Outdoor

Creating flames that reach 12-25m, these are ideal for big outdoor events. Originally designed for Take That’s ‘The Circus Live Tour’ in 2009, the system has since been on numerous tours & festival stages. New features include spark ignition, Galaxis wireless control with full feedback, E Stop and E Pressure dump.

Spitchfire Flames™ – Sports pitches, Arena’s & festivals Indoor or Outdoor

We redesigned the Spitfires for the Rugby World Cup Opening 2015. Now a fully self-contained unit with pneumatic wheels and wireless control the flames units, capable of 20m high flames, can be remotely activated and maneuvered within seconds. This makes them ideal for sports events.

G Flames (Aerosol)

Manufactured by the wonderful team at Galaxis these self-contained, wireless units are great are perfect for both in and out of doors events. Horizontal and vertical flame bars for these units provide alternative & interesting flames.

Bespoke Flame Bars

Quantum have designed and fabricated LPG flame bars that produce flames up to 3m in height. The self-contained units and ergonomic design make them perfect for quick stage changeovers.

On Stage Campfires

We have designed and built large and small campfires for on stage use. These are fuelled by LPG or Butane and have a remote ignition system. Complete with synthetic (fireproof) logs these look great as a prop for theatrical use.

We are able to offer flaming set pieces and can modify or custom make flame effects to your specific requirements – just give us a bell.

As with all of our products Q SFX has full H&S documentation, provides meticulous risk assessments and method statements for tour.

© Olav Stubberud

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