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Confetti & Streamers

© Brian Shannow

Streamers and confetti are ideal for audience engagement and suitable for just about any production, making them the ultimate crowd-pleasing effect.

One of the most versatile effects in our arsenal, confetti can be fully customised to your requirements. Colour schemes, custom shapes and sizes, printed brand names, logos and messages can all be tailored to your event. We can supply real or synthetic rose petals in a variety of colours, shower you with metallic glitter rain, or even make it snow with paper snowdrops – the sky is the limit!

For outdoor events and festivals we provide bio-degradable confetti and streamers helping you to leave as little impact on the environment as possible.

© Tobias Ebleshauser

We stock a wide selection of cannons, blowers, stadium shots and releasing devices from leading manufacturers that are able to deliver a range of effects from gentle flurries, to bold bursts, and immersive storms. With our Quantum control system our machines can fire wirelessly offering far greater versatility of positioning as well as a host of different firing pattern options.

If you have any specific requirement that we don’t already cater for we can custom build you a bespoke effect with our in-house development team. Most recently we launched our brand new Q: Stormblasters on the Adele World Tour. Designed by our engineers to deliver an arena-wide coverage, the Q: Stormblasters supply a minute-long confetti hit that can reach the entire audience – even those on the higher tiers! We told you the sky’s the limit.

Quantum is currently the proud owners of 40+ Stadium Shot Confetti Cannons, the largest stock in the whole of the UK!

© Adam Beal

Confetti Blower
For a continuous stream of confetti. Simple and effective.

Stadium Shot
For a one-off burst. Can either be loaded up with confetti or streamers.

This bad boy is the confetti blower’s big brother of our own invention. Designed for and debuted on the Adele World Tour, the Q-Storm can belt out a huge quantity of confetti over a massive area over the course of a minute.

A new addition to the family, this is our hand-held confetti distribution system.

© Josiah Van Dien
© João Pedro-Meira
© Estelle Clarembaux
© Tilly Pembury-Smith

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