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X Factor Live Shows, The Final at Wembley Arena

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Last weekend Quantum joined the X Factor team for the last time this year. The two-night final showdown took place at Wembley Arena and saw the final three contestants battle it out alongside performances from past X Factor winners and big names such as Kylie and The Weeknd. Quantum supplied special effects for 18 performances over the two shows as well as providing punches of flames and pyro for moments such as Dermot’s and the Judges entrances.

Broadcast live and with a short turn over in between a variety of acts, the Quantum team put their years of experience to good use and were able to successfully adapt to the last minute needs of the production.

Delivering a full range of products from low smoke and atmospherics, to multiple confetti hits and pyro that caught the attention of Dermot and Sharon Osbourne, here are our SFX highlights from the show:

"Those huge notes and that pyro was just amazing!" Sharon Osbourne

  1. The Group Performance:

To kick off the night, all the finalists from series 13 took to the stage to perform a medley. We supplied a chase of gerbs up the catwalk along with handheld ice fountains and mirrored beach-balls for a shiny start to the show.

2. ‘Crazy Love’

5 After Midnight’s performance of Beyonce’s ‘Crazy In Love’ saw handfuls of FX Powder thrown in the air giving the effect of puffs of smoke shooting out diagonally from the stage. This was followed by a steady release of G-Flames throughout the rest of the track whilst the trio showed off their dance moves.

3. ‘Rule The World’

Saara Aalto’s rendition of ‘Everybody Wants To The Rule The World’ by Tears For Fears was accompanied by tendrils of low smoke that crept down a large staircase centre stage, creating a dramatic scene for her dancers to immerse themselves in.

4. ‘Hold On!’

Our biggest programme of SFX over the weekend was for Louis Tomlinson and Steve Aoki, playing their new track ‘Hold On!’ With the two artists standing on a slanted diamond shaped platform we lined the edges with a release of Snowball Mines and pumping COjets which gave the performance a high-energy club-night feel. For the chorus we added colour to the set by firing Green, Orange, Red and Yellow Powder Confetti from stadium shots positioned within the audience. For the end of the track we made sure the whole arena was covered in the same colours using blowers to create a large confetti storm, whilst Steve Aoki had fun with a custom handheld COgun on the stage. You can watch the whole effect below…

5. ‘Purple Rain’

Matt Terry and coach Nicole Sherzinger sang an impressive duet of Prince’s iconic ‘Purple Rain.’ Bringing the lyrics to life Quantum created a shower of shimmering silver confetti that when lit resembled purple glitter rain falling onto the stage. The set ended with 2 x Pyro Waterfalls that fell above the singers – a true diva performance all round.

6. ‘Starboy’

Closing the performances on Saturday night was The Weeknd with a medley of tracks ‘I Can’t Fell My Face’ and ‘Starboy.’ As the chorus kicks in we surrounded the stage with a chase of 30ft Well’s Comets that looked like shooting stars. The first chase lasted 20 seconds whilst the second saw the end of the track with 40 seconds worth of pyro lighting up the arena. After the performance Dermot commented that ‘Someone’s been to the indoor firework shop.’ Well, your not wrong Dermot, you’ve cleaned us out!

X Factor

A video posted by The Weeknd (@theweeknd) on

7. ‘One Day I’ll Fly Away’

Matt Terry’s winning performance with ‘One Day I’ll Fly Away’ was a shining moment for the Quantum team. As Matt hit the crescendo we released a hit of dazzling pyrotechnics. With two positions either side of him, we used three 20×20 gerbs in each to create four fans that filled the stage. The performance was a hit with all the judges and Sharon was impressed with both vocals and the sfx: ‘Those huge notes and the pyro was just amazing!” Thanks for the shout out Sharon!

9. Little Mix

After five years since their own X Factor win, Little Mix returned to Wembley with Charlie Puth. Whilst the girls performed their two-song medley we showered them with pastel pink and blue confetti along with 2 x pyro waterfalls that fired upstage. To close the performance we created a large confetti hit of pink, blue and silver that covered the stage and audience.

A big congratulation to Matt Terry who won this year, and thank you to all our team who have worked hard to fulfil the creative briefs each week. It has been great to be a part of making so many memorable TV moments, from Honey G to Lady Gaga, its certainly been a busy 12 weeks full of surprises and challenges – thanks for having us on board X Factor!

By Maisie

Upbeat Maisie writes about the jobs we’ve completed and successfully trawls google and various social media sites for fabulous photo’s of our effects in situ. She is mainly fuelled by coffee and chocolate covered rice cakes.

By Maisie

Upbeat Maisie writes about the jobs we’ve completed and successfully trawls google and various social media sites for fabulous photo’s of our effects in situ. She is mainly fuelled by coffee and chocolate covered rice cakes.

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