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Adele Live World Arena Tour 2016

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© Moris Dallini

We are ecstatic to finally announce that Quantum is the Special Effects team behind the 2016 Adele World Tour!

We developed two brand new pieces of technology for the star’s major musical comeback including a bespoke rain system and a storm of custom hand written confetti which will be deployed each night on the sold-out tour. With over 100 shows spread across a total of 44 different arenas, the effects are fully transferable for each leg of the journey and designed to deliver an intimate touch to some of the world’s largest indoor venues.

The Q:Rain Graphix

Helping Adele ‘Set Fire to the Rain’ is Quantum’s brand new digital rain system the Q: Rain Graphix. Engineered especially for Adele’s tour, the system creates a dramatic four-walled curtain of rain around the singer whilst she remains dry and singing within.

The use of water effects on tours can often be restrictive with lengthy installations and the need to pump water large distances. Self-contained and remotely activated, the Q: Rain Graphix makes these issues a thing of the past. Suspended above the B stage, the unit holds all the water needed for the duration of the performance in just 8 compact tanks. With no large visible hoses feeding from the ground, the system is discreet and simple to install. Comprised of almost 800 separate valves, it is free from dripping at all times – even when shaken! – giving the effect that all-important element of surprise.

With each valve individually controlled by Quantum’s Q:Control System the pattern of the rain fall is fully customisable from neat lines, to staggered intervals – or in Adele’s case – a steady wall of water. Eliminating any wastage the water used each night is collected under the stage in custom tanks and recycled for every performance. All in all this makes the Q:Rain Graphix the most compact, customisable, and sustainable option out there for live water effects! Catch a glimpse of it in action here and here.

Adele Live 2016 rain system arena tour set fire to the rain © Ralph Larmann

The Q:Stormblasters

Quantum’s second brief for the show was to engineer a confetti launch that would bring the whole audience together by reaching the highest tiers of each arena and last a whole minute – twice the length of the average confetti hit.

In response we designed the Q:Stormblasters: a bespoke system of 12 transportable confetti blowers able to deliver an arena-wide coverage.

Remotely activated using Galaxis wireless, each unit is suspended around the arena where they are able to shower crowds with 128 kilos of personalised confetti per show. The confetti is printed with ten different handwritten notes from the singer herself including ‘Thanks for coming,’‘All my love, Adele,’ and a selection of her iconic song lyrics.

Released during the finale song ‘Rolling in the Deep,’ the effect is the perfect personal touch to close the performance on with many fans taking home their own collection of confetti mementos. You can watch the magic moment below.

adele in lisbon © João Pedro-Meira

The Show

The show kicked off in Ireland and has now finished its journey through the UK. Next stop is Sweden and the European leg of the tour before hopping over to the US where our American office and team at QER Productions will pick up the baton until the tour’s end in November this year.

We are so excited to see our effects travel the world with Adele’s show. There was previously no product out there that could fulfil both of the show’s needs. Our in-house team rose to the challenge and built the Q:Rain Graphix and Q:Storm Blasters from scratch. With just 8 weeks to develop the rain system and two for the blasters, it was a challenge relished by all involved and we are very proud to now reveal the two brand-new products to the market.

It was a pleasure to work so closely with show designer Es Devlin and production manager Richard Young, and we would like to say a big thanks to our team, suppliers and Adele’s team for making it all happen!

Many thanks to Martin Dearlove, Alexandra Waespi, Claire Hinchliff, Jamie Baird, and Caroline Corbett for their generosity and brilliant photography skills.

By Lucy

By Lucy

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